Conférence internationale – The many dimensions of data

Du 22 June au 23 June 2017

La Prochaine conférence de la Chaire Valeurs et Politiques des Informations Personnelles , The many dimensions of data, aura lieu les 22 et 23 juin prochains dans les locaux de Télécom Paris Tech.


The digital economy is now « data-driven ». Big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence are profoundly changing the nature of competition between firms as well as customer relationship management. On the one hand, new data strategies based on smart connected objects create opportunities to challenge existing value chains and force companies to rethink the organization of their industry. Data accumulation by large companies generate increasing returns to scale that increase demand through targeting and recommendations. On the other hand, big data can improve product and service experience but raise at the same time concerns for consumers. For instance, business models based on advertising are both creating new ways to monetize audience but raise privacy, autonomy and trust concerns.

This international conference will focus on two dimensions of the data economy from a pluridisciplinary perspective. First, the event is part the official program of the French Data Protection Authority (Cnil) on ethics and algorithms and will highlight several keynotes on the topic. The second dimension  that the conference will explore is the free flow of data in the digital economy, focusing on economic, legal and political aspects.

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